Virtual Event Update 9/25

9/25/2020 2:02:08 PM   SAE AutoDrive Challenge Series

Virtual Event Update 9/25

The 2020 AutoDrive Challenge Virtual Event starts Monday! Come join us for 4 days of technical sessions and sponsor & team engagement. Virtual Event Dates: September 28-October 1

Attending the Event

Check your emails! If you were listed on your teams Fast Track Roster you should have an event invite from Pathable in your inbox! Weren't on the Fast Track Roster? No worries. Log on and create your account today!

Student handbook & Schedule

Now available for download from your Series Resources or Virtual Student Handbook . Included in the handbook is the event schedule, complete with Static Presentation times.

Is your team booth set up?

Wednesday, Sept 30 8:00am-4:00pm is the Team Booth Showcase. Be sure your booth is set up prior to Wednesday, as judges might pop in ahead of time to get a first look. All official judging will take place on Wednesday and the standings will be announced at the awards ceremony.

Teams will be judged on the following:
• 15 PT- Verb communication (zoom meeting/chat)
• 10 PT- Overall page presentation
• 10 PT- Overall team friendliness & commitment
• 5 PT- Written skills
• 5 PT -Video content
• 5 PT- Social Media content (Do you represent the sponsors & the challenge positively and accurately)
• 5 PT- After viewing the team’s overall content, do you feel this product is relevant to industry today?
• All teams will be awarded for participating. The more points you earn the more money you earn!

0-45 PTS=$50
46-100 PTS=$100
100-150 PTS=$150
151-200 PTS=$200
201- 250 $250
251 += $300

If you missed the training for how to set up the booth, check your series resources for the recording.

Static Presentations

Remember these are closed sessions. Team captains please double check that all speakers have access and the times are correct. If you missed the presenters training, check your series resources for the recording.


Don't forget you earn points for virtually everything you do within the event. The more you participate and engage the more you earn! Check out the leaderboard to see where you stand. Gamification winners will be announced after the event.

Event Swag!

Be sure to click on the link from the home page to get your event swag sent to you!

Final Scores

  • You can find out the final standings during the Awards Ceremony. Make sure its on your agenda so you don't miss standings, a message from Intel & General Motors plus a bit of FUN!
  • After the event all scores will be added to your Series Resources.
  • Static Report feedback will be available under My Team's Report & Document Submissions