At Kickoff- Technical Rotation and Career Knowledge (TRACK)program graduates

9/10/2018 2:38:41 PM   AutoDrive Challenge(TM) Year 2 Competition

Are your curious about the General Motors TRACK program??? The Technical Rotation and Career Knowledge (TRACK)program is for ambitious students who are completing an undergraduate or advanced degree. The program provides a hands-on, cross-functional experience developing solutions for complex assignments. You’ll hone your skills and apply them in real-life situations, and build a professional network under the mentorship of our industry leaders. Cultivating a foundational understanding of our business will equip you to become a better decision maker and true influencer in the company.

GM will have recent graduates from their TRACK program on site Thursday and Friday available for Q&A sessions. The following staff and departments will be present:
• Tessa Elwart (SuperCruise/Bolt AV Controller Integration Engineer)
• Alexandra Bryden (ADAS Camera DRE)
• Alex Lessnau (ADAS Controls System Engineer)
• Waseem Farooq (LongitudinalPerformance Calibration Engineer)
• Matthew Palmer(ADAS Controls System Engineer)
• Joseph Jang (ADAS Systems Integration Engineer)
• Dean Halonen (ADAS Controls System Engineer)