Winter Workshop Follow up- GNSS and IMUs

2/16/2021 12:59:46 PM   SAE AutoDrive Challenge Series

Attention AutoDrive Challenge™ Year 4 Teams,

From the Winter Workshops Q&A session yesterday, it appears that teams have different methods and connection types for hooking up their GNSS and IMUs. We would like each team to upload the following on under GNSS.IMU Document:

• Block Diagram
• Connectors used & pinouts
• Power source(s) for each device, supply voltage/current, and how power sources terminate inside the vehicle
• Physical communication protocols used to interface with each sensor (RS232, Ethernet, CAN, SDLC, etc)

Please upload your documents by March 1st, to ensure that our scoring team has time to review and troubleshoot any potential issues for the Level 4 Challenge.