Year 2 Rules Clarification

4/23/2019 2:41:44 PM   AutoDrive Challenge(TM) Year 2 Competition

Attention AutoDrive Challenge™ Teams,

After two run throughs of the Year 2 event at Mcity the Organizing Committee is issuing clarifications to the Year 2 Rules updated document which is now posted to your Series Resources on These will benefit all teams prior to arrival onsite at the Year 2 Event. All the changes to the document have been made after great consideration to teams and erring on the side of caution to not over penalize but make sure each team can execute each challenge to the best of their ability based on Mcity infrastructure. The language in the metrics was corrected to ensure scoring consistency.

  1. We have received many questions through the online system regarding how we score the metrics listed in the rules. We have posted a Traceability Matrix which is used by our developers in creating the scoring software that uses your OxTS Data pulled from your vehicle to determine points for each Challenge and each metric within a Challenge. A copy is posted in your Series Resources under Scoring Documents.

  2. Page 50 We are allowing for additional space in the Parking Spot of the Traffic Control Sign Challenge. After multiple testing attempts using a Chevy Bolt EV we have determined that the Parking Spot and the vehicle with full front integrated autonomous materials will either hit the curb or be outside of the line box. Therefore, we have changed the measurement to be your back-tire patch in place of the full vehicle as no one would fit correctly and we do not wish to penalize all teams for a spacing issue on the Mcity Site.

  3. Page(s) 53, 57, 60 in the Intersection Challenge, Pedestrian Challenge, & Mcity Challenge the Metric “Crossing over to the Wrong side of the road” description has been changed to the following for scoring consistency in all three:
    “Vehicle travels partially into the wrong lane or side of the road.”
    “Vehicle travels partially into opposing lanes of traffic or partially off the paved road surface.

  4. Page 57 in the Pedestrian Challenge in the Metric “Stopping Distance from Limit Line/Pedestrian Crosswalk” has been added the following text for the explanation portion to ensure scoring consistency of objects detected at what point on the course:
    Should only stop when pedestrian is present
    “Should only stop when pedestrian is in the roadway or at the edge of the roadway.”

  5. Page 53 in the Intersection Challenge in the Metric “React properly to signal” the following text for the explanation portion to ensure scoring consistency across all challenges updated to mirror both the Mcity and Pedestrian Challenge verbiage.
    “Red: stop before limit line”
    “Red: Come to a complete stop within 3 meters of the limit line preceding the intersection, with no part of the vehicle past the limit line.”

  6. Teams are reminded to read all FAQ’s on the website the Organizing Committee wants to make sure teams are using this resource as we try to put out information to all teams so multiple questions are not asked and the answers are consistent. Specifically, please review FAQ #229 Intersections without Traffic Signals (published April 1st).

As always please continue to submit all questions through the website and we look forward to seeing you all at the Year 2 Event.