Year 3 Wrap up

10/6/2020 4:17:14 PM   SAE AutoDrive Challenge Series

Autodrive Challenge Year 3 Wrap up

Thank you everyone for pivoting with us in Year 3. We know that a virtual event was not idea, but each and everyone of you came out on top and rocked a great year! Again we want to congratulate all teams for all the hard work you but into reports and the static presentations, everyone should be proud!

Event Swag

We still have event swag boxes available from the virtual event! Log in and claim yours today while supplies last. The link will be available till Oct 19, 2020.

Award Trophies & Award Money

  • If your team won any awards in Year 3, please down load the Wire Transfer Document in your series resources and email to Jamie by Oct 23, 2020.
  • Trophies will be shipped to the universities in early November.

Year 4 Kickoff

SAVE THE DATE! November 4, 2020
Year 4 announcement, rules Q&A, venue tour and more. Look for a Pathable invite coming soon!

OxTSOxford Technical Solutions (OxTS)
Erik [email protected] Technical support questions
Jamie [email protected] Marketing collateral, webinar recordings
Danny O’[email protected] Product requests and information

Hexagon | MSC Solutions
Atosa Hyatt – Field Marketing – General Question – [email protected]
Sankar MAHADEVAN – Technical Questions - [email protected]
Neha Agarwal- Solution/Product Questions - [email protected]

Professors looking to discuss Hexagon | MSC Solutions can contact - Karthik Krishnan - [email protected]

Velodyne Lidar
Rajeev Thakur - Director Automotive Programs [email protected]

Lisa Tipton - [email protected]

Visit their booth from the event, it is FULL of resources for you.

Hexagon | NovAtel
General links:

HR contact email: [email protected]
Non HR questions  -  Eric Davis: [email protected]

Remember the Virtual event is still live. You can access all sponsor booths for the next 6 months.