Technical & Safety Reports Clarification

6/12/2021 8:21:38 AM   SAE AutoDrive Challenge Series

The Technical & Safety Reports score is comprised of the safety deliverables listed below:

  • Analyzing loss of GPS to SAE Level 4, identifying top 3 failures modes, and achieving level 4 automation per SAE’s J3016 “Levels of Driving Automation.” (Max: 10 points)
  • Submission of the final software safety analysis (Max: 10 points)
  • Overview of previous safety work through 4 years of competition (Functional Safety & SOTIF), logbooks (Max: 5 points)
  • Qualitative points for reports (Max: 5 points)
  • Video Submission (Maximum Points: 20 points)

The videos will be made public in the future. Unfortunately, due to a number of issues, the bonus points for YouTube likes will not be awarded to any team. This was not feasible as originally intended.