Want to be more active with the AutoDrive Challenge?

11/6/2018 1:10:05 PM   AutoDrive Challenge(TM) Year 2 Competition

If your looking to be more involved with the AutoDrive Challenge, meet new people, network and have an inside look at the challenge, then the Student Committee is for you!

In year 1 we had a small student committee to help create the Event Guide. In Year 2 we would like to engage more students and projects. The Student Committee will meet once at least once a month and work on the following projects:
• Stem Night
• Event Guide
• Newsletter Communications
• Onsite Communications
• Team communications

Interested candidates should submit resumes to Jamie Knauff @ [email protected] by Nov 16, 2018.
Candidates must have a strong background in marketing, communications or public relations (classes, volunteer or work experiences, AutoDrive team marking coordinator, class projects etc.)