Year 2 Competition Updates

6/3/2023 4:46:37 PM ET   SAE AutoDrive Challenge Series

Hello, AutoDrive Challenge II Teams -

We are looking forward to welcoming you to mCity for the Year 2 competition soon. Prior to this, please note a few items.

1.) We will be keeping the site open until 10pm on 6/4 to extend the time you have to prepare for the Tech & Safety portion of Monday morning.
2.) Several teams shipped their vehicles without their roof racks and/or GPS mounting plates installed. This has affected the scoring installation and will have to be completed on Monday. If your team is one who still needs installation on Monday it may affect the amount of time you have to practice for the Perception Challenge.
3.) Several teams shipped their vehicles without their sponsor decals affixed to the car. Teams are expected to bring these decals with them and install prior to taking the course. Please plan accordingly.
4.) There are several new documents available in Series Resources detailing routes for the various courses for the challenges. Please review.
5.) If your team is having issues with the fast track roster, please print and hand write your team members in on the form and bring to registration.
6.) There is a new Year 2 scoring document now available in Series Resources. Please review.

Thanks, and we will see you soon!