Static Points Discrepencies

6/11/2021 9:57:14 AM   SAE AutoDrive Challenge Series

There was an oversight with the Concept Design Report, Social Responsibility Report, and Social Responsibility Event scoring. The total available points on the judging rubric was doubled. To preserve the overall scoring, the Scoring Team halved the judges total score for Concept Design Report and Social Responsibility Report. Unfortunately, this issue as it related to Social Responsibility Event wasn't corrected on the initial publishing of scores. New Social Responsibility Event results, halved from the originally posted, have now been posted.

This is why teams may see a difference in feedback compared to posted results.

As per Rule CJ.3.4, the Static Events points break down as follows:

  • Social Responsibility Report: 50 points
  • Social Responsibility Event (Presentation): 50 points
  • Concept Design Report: 100 points
  • Concpet Design Event (Presentation): 100 points