SAE Innovations in Mobility meetup group presents ...

4/15/2020 12:06:06 PM ET   AutoDrive Challenge(TM) Year 3 Competition

SAE Innovations in Mobility Meetup

Webinar: Naturalistic datasets for AV testing and validation
When: Monday, April 27th 1:00-2:00 pm
Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, this event will be held as online-only. Once you signed up a link to the meeting will be shared with you.
Presenter: Julian Bock, Manager Artificial Intelligence fka GmbH
Topic: Naturalistic datasets for AV testing and validation

Julian will be talking about his work at fka, creating large-scale datasets with naturalistic road user behavior using camera-equipped drones. The development of automated driving relies heavily on data-driven methods. Large datasets of real-world scenarios, in the form of road user trajectories, are crucial for several tasks.
Julian will touch on the major advantage of using drones, namely recording naturalistic behavior and the the ideal viewing angle, that allows to capture an entire scenario to be measured with significantly less occlusion, compared to sensors at ground level. Both the class and the trajectory of each road user are extracted from the video recordings with high precision using state-of-the-art deep neural networks.

About the Presenter: Julian finished his master's degrees in Computational Engineering Science from RWTH Aachen University in 2014. He was a PhD student and researcher at IKA RWTH Aachen from 2014-2019. He was the project lead and coordinator of the project I2EASE and internal project lead within VVMethoden and PEGASUS, responsible for the database. He is also the initiator and product manager for levelXdata . Within levelXdata, fka GmbH combines its expertise in the field of data acquisition and processing for all stages of automated driving. Julian is manager for artificial intelligence at fka GmbH since May 2019.
Keeping social distance is hard for all of us. We miss having this group come together to talk about tech and have discussions about the future of mobility. It is in this spirit that we hope to reach many of you through our online format. Although we can’t provide the food and drink, we have aimed for lunch time to keep the culture of our group up. Let's share some food and ideas together virtually this time and soon we hope to see many of you in person again.