Title: Rules Clarification on DVUL.3.2 DVUL Level 2-Manual Mode Definition

8/23/2018 8:45:30 AM   AutoDrive Challenge(TM) Year 2 Competition

The AutoDrive Challengeā„¢ Tech and Safety Team has made a clarification to the DVUL.3.2 DVUL Level 2-Manual Mode Definition Deliverable table in regards to the Safety Analysis. The previous deliverable were fully completed Safety Analysis Reports for Year 2. The committee has clarified that if your team wishes to do reach DVUL Level 2 earlier than the deadline for these reports we do as that you show us a full plan that demonstrates your teams goals to reach the deadlines of the reports and how your team will approach each one from a high level.

If you have any questions please place on behalf of your team in the autodrivechallenge.com website Rules Q&A system. An updated version of the Rules has been placed in your series resources with the new language on this section only.