Intel® OpenVINO™ Support Notice

12/6/2018 5:03:04 PM   AutoDrive Challenge(TM) Year 2 Competition

Intel® OpenVINO™ Support Notice
Hello AutoDrive Challenge Teams,

With the influx of questions for OpenVINO, and to expedite the support, you now must go to the Intel Developer Zone Computer Vision Forum for assistance. The forum can be found at the following link.

In addition, to help accelerate the response time via this alternative forum is to gather your thread number and submit to me through the AutoDrive support Forum.


  1. Submit your question to the Intel Developer Zone Forum here
  2. Identify the 6-digit number in the address bar once you have created your incident thread. Shown below.
  1. Submit a new ticket with this 6-digit number in the AutoDrive support forum so Intel can help expedite and track the issue.
    For all other support concerns, please continue using the AutoDrive support forum for assistance.

Thank you,
Jacob Krakauer – [email protected]
Gelila Seifu - [email protected]
Sachin Muradi - [email protected]

A document with photo instructions has been posted in your series resources: Intel/Legal Documents & Trainings