Schedule Kistler S-motion Rental

4/3/2018 12:22:22 PM   AutoDrive Challenge(TM) Year 1 Competition

The S-Motion sensor is designed to provide detailed vehicle dynamics and handling information. In addition to typical chassis development information, this will also provide the vehicle response data to the autonomous system control algorithms including some of the key parameters affecting passenger comfort. The S-Motion sensor utilizes proven dual-axis optical non-contact technology, inertial data, and GPS data to produce measurements at a rate of 500Hz. Longitudinal speed, lateral speed, total speed, slip angle, pitch rate, pitch angle, roll rate, roll angle, yaw rate, X, Y, and Z acceleration to the horizon and/or vehicle body, GPS time, longitudinal and lateral coordinates, heading, and turn radius are all available parameters. Measurements are sent to the data acquisition system via configurable CAN bus messages with a single connection cable. All measured data can be transposed to a point of interest on the vehicle (CoG, rear axle, etc). To schedule your 2 week system rental, contact Mike Rihl, Sales and Applications Engineer at [email protected]